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Energy saving engineering co., LTD., established in the nanyang rose2004Years,Specialized in building external decoration engineering,“Garbo lee”Engineering agents,Garbo paint customization、Wholesale、Sales、The construction、After-sale one-stop service!Municipal road traffic facilities:Bacc the guardrail、Marking、The sign engineering installation and maintenance。

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2004In nanyang rose, energy saving engineering co., LTD cooperate with gerber li chemical group formally,For“Garbo paint series”Nanyang general agent。Is specialized is engaged in the construction wall paint、Floor paint works、Building energy-saving insulation engineering company。......

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2004Energy saving engineering co., LTD came into being in the nanyang rose,With strong persistence,Gone through a journey of more than a decade of brilliant,And cultivate a group of outstanding professional construction team。This company is“Garbo paint series”Nanyang general agent......

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Energy saving engineering co., LTD. Is the nanyang rose“Garbo paint series”Nanyang general agent,Entrusted by guangdong gerber li educational foundation in recent years,Companies to actively participate in student activities。2014Years11Month20The day rose bo wei, chairman of baoshan......

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