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Chengdu jin xingda property management co., LTD,Through the industrial and commercial bureau for approval,In2016Was formally established,Kam xingda property company before the registered company,Have had10More than one team,Have been engaged in property cleaning、Comprehensive integration property managed、Office cleaning、Household cleaning、External wall cleaning、Green management,After years of development of property management work,Kam xingda property has experienced、Considerate service、Clean the earnest good word of mouth。Kam xingda property has some advanced cleaning equipment,For the hotel、The hotel、Building external walls、The carpet、The floor polishing wax。Home decoration、The balcony、The kitchen、Bathroom furniture、Door window glass(Box)The line that play a base and so on carries on the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance。

The company's main scope:

1、Comprehensive integration property managed,Set up the property service,Responsible for residential property management,All kinds of commercial real estate property services,Organ,Enterprises and institutions,School property management services。

2、The factory、The hotel、Office buildings、Indoor cleaning business

3、Household cleaning、……

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Contact us:

Contacts:Hu Jingli
A mobile phone:18111585618/18780105195
The mailbox:3189371074@qq.com
Address:Wuhou district machine for street nine kang all new side street